GE Veterans

Discover how GE is hiring military veterans for successful careers. Drawing upon the leadership, loyalty, integrity, and commitment to excellence instilled through participation in military service, GE employs more than 10,00 veterans. As part of its Transition Assistance Program, GE teaches veterans how to turn skills as a leader and a strategic thinker into a career after the military. 

GE offers an experienced leadership program, Junior Officer Leadership Program (JOLP), designed specifically for military officers. The program is focused on providing a broad range of useful experience while cultivating the skills sets you will need to enjoy a successful career. Qualified candidates are selected to start their careers with GE in this two-year cross-functional program, including both on-the-job and formal classroom training.

GE's Veterans Network is a new addition to the organization's employee groups that allow employees with common backgrounds and interests to get to know colleagues inside and outside of their businesses, broaden personal and professional networks and give back to others.

-- From the GE Veterans website.

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